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Whitefish Bay, WI
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2010 PROJECTS - User Experience Design/Development and Marketing

Some of these projects are in-progress, some are recently finished and some are brand-spanking new with just a splash screen up...

  • - Full Site Design/Development/Marketing/SEO (In-progress, 2010)
  • - Site Redesign, including over 12 page layouts/templates including wireframes. Working with a local agency to create a new brand identity site for Brady Manufacturing (2010)
  • - Site Design/Development (In-Progress, 2010)
  • - OsCommerce Site Design (Fall, 2010)
  • - OsCommerce Site Updates and CSS enhancements (B2B site)
  • - Full Design/Development/SEO ( - Coming Soon)
  • - Full Site Design/Development (HTML, CSS, Jquery) and SEO
  • - Full Site Redesign, osCommerce Shopping Cart (HTML, PHP/MySQL, CSS) and Marketing & SEO
  • - Full Design/Development/SEO
  • - Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Efforts/Site Maintenance



Website Portfolio Samples (2008)

  • Direct Supply Network - A 48 million dollar revenue generating e-commerce site (average growth of 15% annually in sales). Over 111,000 orders and 1.1 million sessions. Continually creating new experiences and innovative tools for customers. (tools include sort-able product xml tables, zoom image-viewing, and new tool specifications)
  • - Designed user-interface, and full development, plus flash enhancements. Maintenance of all client projects on the site, plus the creation of client-side project overviews.
  • - Full redesign within a 2-week turn-around. Created a new corporate branding strategy with site designs. Conducted usability testing and user surveys.
  • Direct Supply Product Mini-Sites - Art direction, design and development on multiple product marketing sites including: Microfiber Product Mini-Site, BladderScan Product Mini-Site, Dishmachines Product Mini-Site and the Mattresses Product Mini-Site.
  • Direct Supply Event Sites: Loss Prevention Summit, LTC Interiors Event and more.


The old stuff isn't always the best but there is some decent stuff here! If anything I need to contact these clients for a redesign.

Take a look at my professional experience with interactive web design, development, team leadership, and marketing.